White House Protests: What’s happening right now?

White House Protests: What’s happening right now?

Reading Now: White House Protests: What’s happening right now?

The world has never quite seen the United States of America crumbling down to ashes the way it is at the moment. The George Floyd protests have evolved into something extremely violent and painful to watch.

The third day of these protests have wrecked havoc on the entire state of DC, Washington as The White House was almost attacked. The guards of the White House and the protesters came face to face and there it was, a site never seen before. Plumes of smoke from tear gas, shelling and firing of rubber bullets eluded vision. A true display of sheer chaos, mismanagement and disorder.

And amidst all this security crisis, the way Donald Trump and his administration responded has sparked a new hatred movement against the US government. It was reported that Donald Trump had been taken to the security bunker inside his White House, which is designed for emergency situations like a nuclear fallout. All lights were turned off in the White House and all administration went silent.

Politicians and people have been spamming Twitter with the photos of the White House completely out, comparing to the fact that this is exactly what the Donald Trump administration represents. Donald Trump is NOT a leader and cannot face the consequences of his bogus and indecent decisions.

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Protests And Riots All Around DC

The circle of influence of these latest protests in DC was not restricted to just the White House area, but spread like fire all around the state. Countless cars have been destroyed by the protesters and many people have set ablaze infrastructure and houses. Fences and pavements are being deliberately broken. The sketchiest remarks are being written on the walls against the government. It is truly a horrific site, with blood randomly staining the roads.

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A state of emergency has been declared and the businesses and restaurants which had started to reopen after the lock down have been closed again.

DC National Guard Has Been Called

After a night of utter chaos and destruction, the Mayor addressed the county that the administration feels both sad and angry for all the damage that has been imposed on the city by its own citizens.

Mayor Bowser has called on the DC National Guard to control the ever-increasing escalation. About 1700 personnel from the National Guard will hold duties in the state in an attempt to prevent riots and violence.

White House Protests: What's happening right now?

Mayor Bowser went on assessment trip to check the extent of damage after the violent night. She says that the damage is of significant nature especially in the downtown areas. Work on cleaning up the mess has already begun.

It yet remains unclear on what note these protests and riots will end. However, the fact that Trump administration is under heavy fire and that people have lost their rationality over police brutality goes out undebatable.