USA Protests: Police in Minneapolis Pepper Spray Non-Violent Journalist

USA Protests: Police in Minneapolis Pepper Spray Non-Violent Journalist

USA Protests: The world has witnessed America fall in to a state of absolute chaos in the past few days. Starting as a peaceful protest, the justice for George Floyd marches have been forced to escalate to riots. With the police brutality continuing to escalate along with these riots, it looks like even journalists are not safe from it anymore.

Vice News journalist – Michael Anthony Adams – became a victim of the police’s barbarity during his coverage of the Minneapolis protests. As per Michael, the cop set his guns at him the moment he saw him. At that time, he had his hands up in the air while repeatedly yelling “PRESS” but the cop paid no heed to that. “I don’t care if you are press”, the cop remarked. Michael and his team were forced to the ground near the gas station where they were hiding with a rifle on their head. All the while, Michael held his press card above his head.

Soon, another officer came around but instead of helping them, he gave Michael a full pepper spray treatment to the face.

That wasn’t enough for them. The police further went on to pepper spray one of the crew members at point blank range. Not only that, they even made sure to pepper spray the inside of the crew’s rented car. The Vice News journalist shared the entire event on his social media:

Some Other Instances Of Police Brutality In The USA Protests

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time where journalists have become the victim of unprovoked police brutality. Los Angeles Times’ journalist – Molly – shared her story of how police tear gassed reporters at point blank range. She also shared how she got hit with multiple rubber bullets.

It seems that the police is committing to this sort of inhumane behavior everywhere. President & Director-Counsel of LDF – Sherrilyn – also shared a video of a Black boy got his mask pulled down by the NYPD police and forcibly pepper sprayed as he just stood there, unable to do anything.

The riots continue as the police’s brutality reaches it all time peak. From general public to journalists, it seems that no one is safe anymore. At this point, the cops are stoking the fire which will cause the situation to only worsen.

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