Prime Minister Boris Johnson Involved in Car Crash Outside UK Parliament

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Involved in Car Crash Outside UK Parliament

British Prime Minister¬†Boris Johnson’s was involved in a car crash as his convoy left the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.
The Prime Ministers Convoy was leaving the House of Commons in Westminster after weekly session of Prime Minister’s Questions. As it drove a short distance up-to Downing Street, An Elderly Kurdish Protester from a group of Activists protesting outside the Parliament Gates ran towards the Prime Ministers Car.

The middle aged Protester was seen breaking through a group of activists and running towards Mr Johnson’s Jaguar XJ Portfolio V8. He was stopped at last minute by an unarmed female security officer in front of a security motorbike vehicle which led the convoy to come to a sudden halt.

While the lead vehicle managed to stop in time, an escorting Range Rover from behind came in collision with Mr Johnson’s Car resulting in a minor crash. The vehicles then were seen driving off with Mr Johnson’s Jaguar having a visible dent on its back.

Boris Johnson’s Involved in A Car Crash
The collision left a large dent in Mr. Johnson’s ¬£54,000 Jaguar.

Official Spokesperson of Prime Minister said Mr. Johnson was in the car, but He was unhurt in the collision.
London’s Metropolitan Police issued a statement, saying: “A pedestrian is reported to have stepped onto the road, causing the vehicles to suddenly stop, which has led to two of the vehicles in the convoy being involved in a damage-only collision.”

Following the incident, the Protester, who had been demonstrating about Turkish Operation against Kurdish Rebels was taken to Palace of Westminster by Metropolitan Police officers. Soon another Police Van arrived on the scene to help in detaining the Protester, who was arrested on charges of public order offence and obstructing the highway.

Boris Johnson’s Involved in Crash
The Convoy Came to Halt as Protester Approached The Car